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We are all on a spirit trek — a journey of the soul. Our souls – our true selves – were made in God's image. The spirit trek is an arduous evolutionary quest toward the realization of each soul's full potential as a child of God.

As individuals with free wills, we take different paths on this journey, but the goal of the quest is the same. I believe we succeed …

… when we finally learn to free ourselves from the traps we continue to fall into on this mortal plane of existence such as fear, hate, intolerance, envy, co-dependencies, elitism, oppression, repression, etc. This will happen when we have learned (and lived) unconditional love, respect and acceptance.

… when we learn to forgive unconditionally

… when we have realized that there is only one race – the Human race - on this planet.

… when we have learned to respect the sanctity of every living thing – human and non-human, of all creation, and live in harmony with each other, our environment and our planet.


There is not much to this site … yet. But I have plans! Really!!

Check my Favorites section. I have begun adding collections related to my favorite links, music, books and quotes, so far.

I have been refining my site's design, which has evolved quite a bit as I have learned more through online classes, books, online articles, and online web design communities. So my site design is finally evolving into something more visually appealing. There are still some design elements want to work on, work in and/or figure out how to get them to work.

In the meantime, there are quite a few pages of homework assignments uploaded for classes I took at a terrific online school, LVS Online Classes. I have taken quite a few classes at LVS during the last four-and-a-half years. We had to create web pages to post homework assignments for the instructor and classmates to review. If you are curious, you may click the LVS Homework link, in the menu bar above or the navigation links to the right. A few classes have no pages, because those assignments were emailed to the instructor for review (primarily classes for Microsoft Office components). The LVS Homework link will take you to a master homework index with links to each class' set of assignments.

I have a few genealogy pages, too. Seeing an opportunity in the LVS Build Your Website III (CSS Positioning) class to experiment with a design I had been think about for such pages, I grabbed it. You are welcome to check out those pages by clicking the Genealogy link in the menu bar at the top of this page. It will take you to a page with a box of links to the genealogy pages I created in that class, and more as time goes by and I create more family history related pages.

In the Health directory, there is a page I have begun with information and web links relating to mold allergies for a friend. I have uploaded it already, though it is not finished, so my friend and those for whom she wanted the information wouldn't have to wait while I worked on a design update for my site.

Thank you for visiting SpiritTrek!

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quote worthy